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Persistent Salmonella infection is controlled by PPARδ

This illustration was created as a cover image submission for "Salmonella require the fatty acid regulator PPARδ for the establishment of a metabolic environment essential for long-term persistence." (Eisele et al., Cell Host & Microbe 2013).

The goal of this image was to illustrate the role that PPARδ plays in controlling Salmonella infection. As this was a cover image and not a scientific figure, I decided to create a more abstract, "fun" image.

The main takeaway of this paper involved PPARδ's control of glucose availability in M2 macrophages, and I wanted to convey the idea of "sweetness". In order to illustrate the different types of macrophages that Salmonella encounters, I created macrophage-shaped sugar cookies that were either lavishly decorated with "PPAR" frosting and sprinkles or undecorated. Other familiar candies were used to add detail to the image. M&Ms were used to denote the different types of cookie macrophages, and Salmonella was depicted as cinnamon candies.
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